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Yves rocher protection and radiance shampoo 300ml

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This antioxidant Acai pulp shampoo gently washes your hair and protects the color.

Since beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp, we integrated Agave fructans at the heart of every formula. This new cosmetic extract activates microcirculation*, in combination with a scalp massage, allowing hair to grow stronger and more beautiful.

Proven effectiveness: Color protection action for up to 10 shampoos**

Its +:It has a silicone-free, sulfate-free*** milky texture that washes hair as gently as possible to guarantee a shinier and longer lasting color. Its flat capsule which makes it easier to use the product until the last drop.

Our Commitment:

  • This sulfate-free*** formula washes hair as gently as possible to guarantee a shinier and longer lasting color.

  • More than 91% ingredients from natural origin

  • Botanical cleansing base

  • Dermatologically tested formula

  • Easily biodegradable, silicone-free formula

  • Recyclable bottle made 100% from recycled plastic (excluding additive)

  • Organically-grown Agave

*In vitro tests

**Instrumental test: reduces the fading of color by 29% compared to a standard Yves Rocher shampoo

***Sulfate-free surfactant

10.1 fl. oz./300 ml bottle

Coloring hair, especially to a specific color that requires bleaching, costs a fortune. It looks amazing for a while, only to face disappointment once the vibrant hues start to fade over time. You might not be using shampoo for color-treated hair, specifically. Do not worry though, Shop in Style has got your needs covered with a special product from Yves Rocher.

Boost color, shine, and softness with this premium Protection and Radiance Shampoo by Yves Rocher. It combines specific potent botanical extracts in its unique formula that works to increase your hair’s shine and bring out the full spectrum of your hair’s beautiful tones. The formula also contains multiple oils and nutrients that instantly quench and repair dry, over-processed hair.

Since the product is from Yves Rocher, you can be sure you are purchasing one of the best cruelty-free shampoos for color-treated hair in the Philippines. Better still, you are signing up for a better planet given the brand’s numerous initiatives for Mother Nature. With this shampoo, you get beautiful colored hair and a beautiful environment. There is so much to love when you choose to go green. 

The next time you set another appointment for hair color and bleach, remember Yves Rocher’s Protection And Radiance Shampoo. Experience longer-lasting, healthier hair with this color-protecting shampoo that helps preserve the brilliance of each shade that is sure to help you avoid the fading, dulling effects of time or sun exposure. Get this super shampoo and other amazing products today at Shop in Style!