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Yves rocher anti-pollution shampoo and conditioner bundle

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  • Moringa Seeds Micellar Detox Shampoo and Conditioner removes pollution-related residues for detoxified hair.
  • And since beautiful hair begins with a healthy scalp, we have integrated in the heart of each formula the fructans of Agave.This new cosmetic active doubles the microcirculation of the scalp to allow the hair to grow stronger and more beautiful.
  • Its Plus: Its micellar formula that gently cleanses hair already sensitized by pollution.
  • 98% natural ingredients
  • Moringa seed extract from a 100% natural extraction process
  • Agave grown in Organic Farming
  • Washing base of plant origin
  • Formula easily biodegradable without silicone
  • Recyclable bottle composed 100% recycled plastic (excluding additive)