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Elixir botanique melatonin night booster serum 30ml by yves rocher skin care

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Day after day, upon awakening, skin is reenergized and healthy-looking. ​

After 1 month, skin recovers better; it is revitalized and strengthened.

Texture: micro-droplet bi-phase texture

How to use: Shake before each use. Apply before night care, on the entire face.

Clinical effectiveness tests:
Recovery effect: +30% of renewal of the appearance of skin for 95% of respondents1 
Instant anti-wrinkle effect: -12% of appearance of wrinkles (volume and depth)​on 86% of respondents

Consumer satisfaction studies:
83% claim that their skin feels reenergized3
78% claim that their complexion is radiant3
89% claim that their skin is strengthened from the moment they wake up3

A large majority of consumers are stressed by their lifestyle. It directly impacts their sleep quality and this in turn has consequences on their skin. It becomes dull, features look tired and of appearance of wrinkles even more pronounced. The result is a vicious cycle of premature skin aging, which is more exposed to external aggressors and does not restore itself as well during sleep phases.​

In a world where 80% of people are not totally satisfied with their sleep quality and knowing the strong link between sleep quality and the condition of skin, we wanted to provide a solution to this problem.​

We took our inspiration from nature to offer an extract that complements the Land-Sea complex for this Recovery Night Serum. ​

The scent of Gardenia flowers is known to reduce anxiety and promote sleep. This scent sends a deep sleep signal to our neurotransmitters ​

We were therefore interested in the fruits of this plant, which carry out a similar activity to melatonin in skin. ​

In fact, melatonin is known to play a crucial role in our ability to fall asleep and the quality of our sleep. It is, however, less well known that it boasts interesting properties for skin, notably thanks to its antioxidant and protective properties, which help to fight against visible signs of skin aging (such as dehydration, loss of radiance and the appearance of wrinkles).​

We've selected an extract obtained through a process of eco-extraction of Gardenia fruits. This extract has been combined with the Land-Sea complex and integrated into a minimalist formula for reenergized, revitalized and radiant skin when you wake up. In addition, we have demonstrated an effect that is the equivalent of 60 hours of sleep* on skin after 28 days of using this Recovery Night Serum.​

 ​**Comparison of 2 panels, 6 hours of sleep vs. 8 hours of sleep, after 28 days of use: self-evaluation on hydration & radiance (42 subjects), of appearance of wrinkles (39 subjects)​

1 Clinical study carried out on 20 volunteers after 10 days of twice-daily application​
2 Clinical study carried out on 14 volunteers 15 minutes after application​
3 Satisfaction survey carried out on 106 women and 10 men first thing in the morning​