Have an Enchanting Christmas with Yves Rocher!

Make it a whimsical Christmas celebration with our Holiday Gift Sets! This year, you have loads of options to choose from whether it’s a gift for the family, for yourself, a friend, a special someone, or literally just anyone! We got you.
When we say “literally just anyone”, we mean it!
Ber-months are seasons for many occasions, and we’re sure there would be a whole lot of gift giving.
So, if you’re someone who doesn’t really know what to get a person you don’t even know (because of an event you’re a part of at school, at work, or any occasion at all!), AND you’re on a budget but you still want your gift to be thoughtful and presentable, then our 50ml Shower Gel with Bath Mesh is perfect for you!
If you have a little bit more inside your pockets, then upgrade to the 200ml Shower Gel with Bath Mesh gift set.
We also have one that’s perfect for inside and outside of the shower– our 200ml Shower Gel and Body Lotion Gift Set with scents that they’re definitely going to love.
Of course, we don’t stop there! Have you tried our Hair and Body Mists yet? Well, we highly recommend it. With irresistible scents for the season, you will fall in love instantly with botanical beauty!
The mists come in 6 scents, and you could always ask your Beauty Advisors for some recommendations.
And how can we forget about great hair days? Add some volume to those beautiful locks this season with our Volume Shampoo & Conditioner gift set! Perfect for that effortlessly bouncy hair.
Lastly, we can’t miss out on a good treat! Upgrade your gifts to last with our BIGGER SIZES! We have our 400ml Shower Gel with Bath Mesh gift set, and our favorite 400ml Shower Gel and Lotion pair for a relaxing, or energizing, and even sensual bath and body experience!
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*Promo prices for our holiday sets are applicable when you buy two (2) ONLY– purchase one (1) gift set at Suggested Retail Price.