A vision of Mr Rocher still guiding us



For Yves Rocher, natural sources resonate with high efficacy.

The pioneering and visionary experts behind Yves Rocher's Botanical BeautyⓇ harness the amazing potential of plants to extract 100% plant-derived active ingredients. Innovative and highly effective products are created with respect for the environment.



For Yves Rocher, agriculture is a cycle.

At La Gasili we have chosen agroecology, a pioneering model of agriculture that rejuvenates the land and the environment. We have used our botanist and agricultural expertise to select farming methods that revitalize the environment and land around our farms. Our nine signature plants are grown on our 60 hectare farm, cultivated agroecologically and certified organic since 1999. We are working to extend these more ambitious agricultural practices to all of our partner producers. As a member of UEBT (Ethical Union for the Distribution of Biological Materials), we are committed to ensuring that all our naturally derived ingredients are sourced in a manner that respects both people and biodiversity.

The Yves Rocher Foundation continues its tireless efforts to conserve biodiversity. We work to protect nature by providing support and financial assistance to national organizations around the world.
Through our tree-planting program, we have achieved the goal of planting 100 million trees worldwide through close cooperation with 48 NGOs active in countries around the world. The Women's Earth Fund has awarded awards to more than 500 people working to protect the planet in 50 countries. We are proud that over the past 30 years, the Yves Rocher Foundation has been recognized as a public interest organization and a leader in supporting various collaborations.

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Committed to biodiversity - Fondation Yves Rocher (yves-rocher-fondation.org)